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Gym Shenanigans 

I used to be a butterfly in a gym. Meaning, I was fluttering around, doing my own thing, and able to land anywhere gracefully. Then I got squashed! Squashed by my own stupid fluttering in my beautiful life. I got too distracted and started not caring. So now in a gym, I’m an awkward elephant. Stumbling over my feet with my short trunk, fat head, and stumpy limbs.

Ugh, the struggle is seriously real! I can’t even do a lunge anymore without feeling like my knee is going to explode in all directions. Please people, give me some alternative to lunges. I’m sure I can just look it up, but I’m curious to what others are doing in that department. When I first discovered that I was having these problems with my knees was last week during one of my leg days. Ever since, I just haven’t been able to get over it. I feel silly not knowing what I could do different. I’m really struggling with that fact that once I was a fit queen to now being a chubby champion. Some of you might be thinking I’m being really hard on myself. I don’t see it that way, I’m just realistic. I know what I am and what I’m not.

I don’t think I’m not beautiful, my husband tells me everyday. I don’t think I’m not confident… I can walk around my house in the skimp and not think twice. Everyone has some sort of flaws, I’m just extremely aware of them and don’t care to share!

However, when I am at a gym I just shrivel inside. I can’t hide fast enough or finish what I’m doing fast enough. It’s so crazy! I don’t want to be like that because I do enjoy working out. It’s MY time. I’m just not using it effectively. When I first started out, I thought this part would be easy and eating healthy would be hard. It’s the total opposite. I love meal prepping and it’s working!

What is working for me at the gym? Cardio and free weights. I don’t do a whole lot of free weights, just the minimum really; curls, triceps, butterflies…. I used to do lunges before my knees were going to splatter and squats. I know there are other things I can be doing to help me. This part of it is just going to take me some time to get comfortable with it again.

I think being truly comfortable with any journey will always help people excel. If you’re in a new relationship, you don’t truly grow  until you are 100% comfortable. If you are at a new job, you don’t truly excel until you are 100% comfortable. If you are new to a school, you don’t truly achieve academic greatness until you are 100% comfortable. I am waiting for my 100% comfortable, then I will truly thrive in my fit journey.  

In the meantime, here is my meal prep for the week! Breakfast- overnight oats: 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup light almond milk, half scoop cake batter protein. For Friday’s I added a dash of cinnamon because it’s Friday (duh). Lunch- ground turkey with brown rice, seasonings, and diced bell peppers. Broccoli and asparagus too! Dinner- Baked lemon Salmon, sweet potato, and broccoli.

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I can remember coming home from work and the first thing I would do when I walked through the door would be take off my tight pants and bra and put on sweats and a sports bra. Now that I’m home with my son, it is important that I’m in some sort of comfortable outfit all day long because he’s so active.

Honestly, I hate wearing anything but t-shirts, sports bras, tights/ leggings; the typical workout gear. Unless I’m meeting up with a group of friends or Holiday family gatherings, I rarely dress up. When I do have to put on jeans (or something else but stretchy pants) I stare at them for a good minute and decide the plan of attack. When I finally get those tight jeans on I usually go through the process of lunges and stretching out the top with all of my might. Sometimes, I even get my husband involved, “here honey, hold on to this and I’ll lean back.” He’s so awesome.

As much as being comfortable means to me, I am uncomfortable most of the time. It’s hard for me to go anywhere and not think, ” people are staring at fat ass..” “why is that person looking at my muffin top?…” “My thighs are so thick they could be hippo legs…” OK, maybe I go too far sometimes, but you get the point. I have recently discovered that I am also uncomfortable working out at the gym. I think I am being judged while I am there, and most likely I am not. The reason I’m like this though is only my fault because I am the one who got myself here and I am the only one who can change that.

I just need to remember that great things never come from comfort zones. I think a lot of people need to keep that in mind. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey like me, wanting to make a career change, or just trying to figure out who you are. It’s a difficult step, but going outside that zone will only benefit you in the long run. The hardest part is starting. Whenever you start something, it sucks. Do I find it fun to work out? No, it sucks right now, but if I want to make progress on being fit it’s apart of what I need to do. When starting something outside the comfort zone you also need to accept the suckiness of it it! You will be stronger for it. It also helps if you have support around you when you go through this uncomfortable, sucky situation. Have people you can talk to about this experience. It makes it easier to get through the hard parts.


During my week 2 of meal prep I only lost 1 lb. I’m not getting discouraged, though! 1 lb. is better than no pound. Here’s what I did: Breakfast- Oatmeal with peanut butter. Lunch- spinach quino salad with cucumbers and tomato. Dinner- Turkey burgers (patty only) green beans, black beans, and mashed cauliflower…which was really delicious, actually! My workouts consist of 30 minutes on the elliptical and weights. During the elliptical I change up the resistance every 5 minutes, for example:

comfy10-5min: 5 resistance

5-10min: 8 resistance

10-15min: 6 resistance

15-25min: 9 resistance

25-30min: 7 resistance

I really work up a sweat and I can tell the more I do this the more resistance I am able to do.  Keep in mind that every elliptical resistance might feel different. I also found some really good resistance workouts for an elliptical on pinterest! Side note- I LOVE PINTEREST!

I really need to work on my weekend shenanigans! It’s easy to get carried away with carbs on those days! Which has an affect of  how much I lose during the week 😦 boo me.

Feel free to contact me in regards to recipes!

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It’s a Start

Welcome to my new blog! The contents of this blog will contain my journey to getting fit and what I consider a healthy lifestyle! I feel like keeping up with a blog will also encourage me to hold myself accountable while on this fit path. Being a mom to one precious baby boy has opened my eyes that being fit will benefit not only me, but my family as well. The way I see it is if I feel better physically and mentally (about myself) than I will be a better mom and wife. My husband is on this journey too, however, I don’t think he is as serious as I am, haha (sorry, love).

Growing up I was never skinny. I would say that I was fit going through high school. I was involved in softball, enjoyed working out, and lifted or did cardio everyday. I attempted to continue this trend as I ventured onto college. I did well the first year! I even thought I was going to be a personal trainer at one point (I was also drowning trying to decide what I wanted to do the rest of my life). I also met my husband during that year! Being fit turned less into a priority and more like a chore. I was a really busy college student. I worked part time, went to school full time, and visited my husband on the weekends. Those weekends consisted of beer, Taco Bell, and the occasional fraternity party. Needles to say, I wasn’t focused on my body image and more just enjoying myself…ultimately “letting myself go.” Fast forward 7 years, being married 2 of those years, and 1 baby later…here I am, wishing that I could go back and eat one more taco while drinking a beer and not feel guilty.

Now, I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh at this point. If I succeed in this journey I most definitely will! I have taken before pictures and everything! I will tell you that I am not going on some fad diet plan. I already know how to lose weight and get in shape. It’s just a matter of mental strength and the will to accomplish my fit goals. I plan to eat better and exercise more! When starting to exercise some people aren’t sure what to do exactly. However, I don’t feel this is an area I falter in only because I did it seriously for 6 years of my life. However, eating healthier is going to and has been the hardest challenge for me. To help me with that I’ve decided to meal prep. I have found it to make my days more freeing and not to go astray from what I’m trying to do. I’m starting out slow because it is the first time I am meal prepping and the better I get at it the more complex my meals will be.

For all the weeks ahead my breakfast will continue to be the same unless I see it necessary to change. I’m using a cup of plain oatmeal and putting a tbsp of peanut butter in it. It  keeps me so full that I don’t even want a snack before lunch. During my first week of meal prep I made ground turkey mixed with rice and bell peppers, sliced carrots and broccoli on the side for lunch. For dinner I made lemon Tilapia, half of a sweet potato, and a mixture of asparagus and broccoli. I made the dinner portion for two because my husband wants in on the fun! After my first week of meal prepping and working out, I lost 3 lbs! After this,  I’m pretty confident in what I have planned for myself in this new fit lifestyle. I hope you will join me and see what I have planned! Look for my next post to see what I did and how much I lost during my second week!