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Beautiful Dandelions

No! Dandelions aren’t beautiful you crazies!  We spray our yards for them so it looks crisp and lusciously green. Those damn dandelions. We see them down the street at a nearby house. As we walk by that certain house with all of their dandelions, it’s easy to think that they don’t take care of their yard or that they just don’t care. Who am I kidding, we have a couple too. Then I see me son…his eyes and curious fingers don’t go for the crisp green grass. No, they go for the gold dandelion.

His pure innocence takes ahold of me and really gives me a different outlook. We see everything so ugly. It’s hard not to in this world. To him, everything is beautiful and magical. It could be a gold dandelion, an older dandelion (the kind you blow in the wind), our dog’s smelly fur, the creases in our hand me down furniture, the wrinkles in my mom’s smile, or the gray hair on my dad’s face. EVERYTHING to him is beautiful.

Today, it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of our world. You get on whatever social media account and see the worst. It’s sad really. We are more prone to judge others because of it. We scroll down our feeds just to see what juicy information we can find. It’s not our faults. We can’t turn the Television on without seeing something insane.

I’m sad that I am raising my son in a world with such violence and hate towards each other. The only thing I can do is raise him to treat others with respect. One thing that really bothers me are those crazy, hot head drivers. Sorry person honking behind me, I will turn when there aren’t cars in my path. Or the person who gets angry with the poor handicap people driving. They are doing their best. We are all doing our best. Don’t give people a hard time at life. They are doing the best they can. Give them support instead if you think they need it. You don’t walk in their shoes. You don’t know what their life is like. So instead of being rude. Be Kind. Offer a smile, a hand, or nice words. Be Kind. 

So maybe dandelions are beautiful. You just need to look at them from a different point of view ;-).


So this weekend I made healthy banana pancakes! One thing I have found out about my fit journey is that I cook more now than I ever did before, haha! My poor husband. Another thing that I’ve noticed when I cook is the HUGE mess I make. I could never own my own bakery, I would come home and look like a ghost with flour all over me. Honestly, I’m messy with most things. I should change my blog to the “messy mom.” Hmmmm .

Anyway, I started out with two bananas. I put them in a bowl and smushed them real good until smooth!


After they are smooth (note, they are not fully smooth in that pic ^). Add two eggs.


At this point you may use a whisk to mix the ingredients together. Begin mixing the eggs into the mixture. Then add 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 cup flour, 1tsp of baking powder, 1/2 tsp of baking soda.

B3 Give it a good mix until smooth! Use 1/4 cup to make your cakes. It should make around 6 pancakes 🙂  I couldn’t believe how good they were! There are actually better ways to make this even more healthy- like instead of flour, baking powder, and baking soda-just use oats! Those are next on my list to try :-).  I also can’t believe how awful these pictures are, LOL.

If you remember last week I didn’t do too well with this fit journey. I’m really motivated this week! Stay tuned for my meal prep!



14 thoughts on “Beautiful Dandelions

  1. Jack brought his Grandma in a dandelion for her and his smile was so big and he was so proud, and I told her(tam) that they should be called love blossoms. I’ll bet almost every kid has picked those and given them to their Mom, and when you look at them through their eyes they are bright and beautiful after a long ugly brown winter. So be glad and just think next spring he will be picking some for you with much love. The bees really like them too, and we know what becomes of our food supply if there are no more bees. LOVE BLOSSOMS FROM GOD for all of us. Love you all. Granny Sharon

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  2. You made me laugh when you said, “Sorry person honking behind me, I will turn when there aren’t cars in my path.” Hahaha…I feel the same way as you! I don’t understand why other drivers think I’m purposefully not turning just to spite them. It’s more like, I’d rather not cause an accident. I also agree with you on spreading positive vibes and encouragement! The world needs more of that. Sure, it’s a lot easier to get annoyed or angry, but in the end that doesn’t help anyone. I’m trying to make conscious efforts to be more positive in life, and hopefully that will rub off on other people in my life as well! As for the banana pancakes, I’m planning on making them this weekend!

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    1. People can be so rude with their excessive honking, lol! Thank you for your words and enjoy those pancakes!! I’m going to try them with oats this weekend instead of flour! 😋

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  3. I like the idea of looking at things at another angle. I have a friend who is seemingly always having a bad morning. I keep trying to get her to see the more positive things and not let the negative overshadow. Easier said than done!


  4. I like the idea of looking at things at another angle. I have a friend who is seemingly always having a bad morning. I keep trying to get her to see the more positive things and not let the negative overshadow. Easier said than done!

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  5. I really enjoyed your perspective. We do have a lot going on in this world…and it takes a lot of energy to be resilient with it all. The support system out here is weak but I’ve been determined to focus on what is good for me and that has helped brighten my world.
    You have a special place on the web…keep sharing your content and good luck with this journey

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  6. What a beautiful post! I love dandelions! Did you know the greens are edible and super healthy? Yup! They are really really really bitter but sometimes I add them to smoothies. You can buy dandelion greens in the store too. Who knew? My grandpa used to make dandelion wine too. haha. It’s great seeing beauty in everything. Cheers!

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