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Wine Down

It’s no secret that I’m a wino! Hell, there’s not many drinks I will turn down, honestly. Even beer. My husband interned at Triton Brewery one summer, and ever since he has been a Craft beer guru. Which means I get to taste too! Wine is my absolute favorite though. Even if my tastebuds don’t agree on the wine I’m drinking, I will still drink it. It’s easy for me at the end of the night when my son is in bed and it’s just the hubby and I, to grab a glass of sweet red whatever wine is in my kitchen. Sometimes that one glass turns into two, and before I know it the whole bottle is gone! Some of you may be thinking, “oh my”…but let’s be honest…I know there are many of you out there who are thinking, “yeah, I do that too!” I don’t do that as often as I once did, but I can’t say it never happens. Sometimes I’ll leave a little bit in the bottom of the bottle just so I can have half a glass the next night before bed 🙊…..OK, I’m a little embarrassed now….

When did I become such a wino? College for sure, but not until junior and senior year! Or was it my first year teaching?? So, my husband went to Wabash College (WAF!!) and was apart of Lambda Chi. A lot of late nights, hanging with our friends, playing drinking games, and keeping up with whatever sporting event was going on. Beer can be cheap and so can wine. However, games were played with beer and big parties had the ever so delicious (sarcasm) jungle juice.

Those years were the best, but I don’t think that’s where my obsession began. No… it was my first year teaching. My first year I taught 3rd grade. I was so excited and nervous! All of the first year jitters! I didn’t realize how stressed out I was going to be.

As you all know, 3rd grade is the year state testing begins. Those poor kids get content jammed in their tiny brains, it’s up to us to make it fun and engaging!! Behind the scenes of the fun and engaging lessons is the amount of pressure.

EVERYTHING was data driven and inside the front office was a collection of our classes reading data broadcasted on the wall for educators and administrators eyes only. When I first saw it I was so intimidated. Wine down. Data was also displayed outside our rooms. Wine down. Data was inside our classrooms. Wine down. Once, the principal approached me and the conversation went something like, ” no pressure Hannah, but last year our 3rd grade had an IREAD passing percentage of 98%..”oh, really? 😐 wine down.  In case you’re all wondering, we went 98% passing (woot)! Oh, not to mention ISTEP. Wine down. wine2And then there were evaluations! She would sit at my desk and go through all of my lesson plans and watch me teach for what seemed like an eternity. Wine down. 

If you didn’t get it, wine down meant that I was drinking my night away, haha. 

You can say that I had a close relationship with wine that year. There were also a few people in that building that shared my love for wine or having an occasional drink. My classroom aid was an angel from above! I’m pretty sure she loves wine as much as I do. I vented to her about everything and we shared our dreams. My team teachers were also pretty awesome. We had some good laughs. They were my comic relief. I could probably write a book about my first year teaching and it would become a movie- a comedy of course.

So, what does all this have to do with being healthy and fit? Now that I’m on this fit journey I don’t drink as often and don’t feel the need to wind down (or should I say, wine down?) as much. I think I feel this way because I work out so often now. I know we all know that exercise helps release stress. Some of you are thinking “why are you stressed, you’re a stay at home mom..” well, because LIFE.  Other ways I wind down include taking a bath, going on walks with my cutesy family, or I’ll just go on a quick jog. I do feel better replacing wine with these healthy activities. When I do want to have a drink of wine I do so in moderation. Side note- I’m also a grandma these days and go to bed pretty early, which gives me less wine time.  I cherish my sleep now. I also think that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you deprive yourself from the things you love. Living a healthy lifestyle also means you’re keeping your mental state in tact too. If I want a glass of wine or two, I’m going to have it.

Speaking of moderation. I was so proud of myself this weekend. I went to a bridal shower and didn’t over do it on the food there. I did have a cupcake, though. Let’s be honest here! If you don’t have a cupcake at one of those things it’s like an insult to the people who bought them and the person who made them! …right?

Stay tuned of what I did for meal prep this week!